Exceptional . Rae Smith. Bringing a new dimension into Real Estate in Launceston

Susan Bain , 28 Sep 2021

Why do I say this? I have sold a lot of houses over the years. What I was looking for in an agent was, a sound Professional .  Ethical ....special expertise in the local market (Rae has lived experience in Launceston) plus I wanted one with considerable experience in Real Estate in Tasmania and interstate.  Rae ticked all of these boxes.

I am 75 and not in the best of physical health. (Read as old, anxious, opinionated, control freak) When I first met Rae .. I could not envisage how I could possibly manage a 'normal' house sale let alone, downsize (considerably): prepare my house for sale, and achieve what I thought it was worth!

Right from the start, Rae was warm, empathetic and sensitive to my needs.   Always supportive and available, beyond my expectations.  Initially she said "I will take care of everything" She absolutely did.  Seamlessly and stress free.  Everything!   She coordinated all of the downsizing process, the maintenance, painting,  updating, gardening etc etc . This whole process felt like a complete partnership.

In addition Rae's flexibility, and brilliant communication skills ... with cleaners, contractors, people downsizing, multiple tradesmen, The house was prepared and up for sale in no time.   Always respectful of my limited budget her professional advise re. what and not to do, to maximise the potential of the house without unnecessary outlay.

Once on the market, it was a respectful, calm process, with no stress and mutually agreed upon times. etc.  Good prompt accurate insightful feedback from Rae post viewings Sold in 3 days at a price I was very happy with.   I could not have done it without Rae.  I believe anyone could trust Rae to sell their house in the shortest period of time with maximum results even if the owners were not in the State.  Totally trustworthy.   What should have been my most difficult house sale of my life was the least stressful!