Rae sold me a house

Tom Hall , 12 Jan 2022

As a buyer Rae did a couple of things that were very helpful and beyond what I expected. 

Firstly we needed a loan to buy the house and therefore the bank needed to value the house. Rae arranged (in consultation with the incumbent tenants) to meet the valuers to let them in and show them around, and she also showed them some of the unsuccessful written offers to buy the house so that the valuers were assured that our offer was not above market value.  Therefore the valuation process went smoothly.

Secondly at multiple times throughout the process Rae liaised with our mortgage broker and also to a lesser extent with our lawyers when they needed some information about the property that I didn't have.   Rae also liaised with the seller whenever there were minor adjustments that needed to be made to the contract (the settlement period extended over Christmas, and the seller's lawyers knocked off for Christmas a week earlier than my lawyers did), so that everyone was reassured and agreeable and nobody was anxious or disagreeable.

I'm very happy with her and would definitely look her up if I wanted to sell something.