Rae Smith, a genuinely friendly, honest, knowledgeable and professional real estate agent.

Virginia Kehoe , 04 Apr 2022

When I made the decision to engage Rae Smith to sell my home, I took some important elements of this sale into consideration, as this decision had the potential to set me up financially for the rest of my life.

Although Rae, as many mother's had her own family commitments, she made a concerted and impressive effort on a Saturday, to conduct herself in a professional manner to visit my home.  Over many hours, Rae spent her time discussing my wishes to gain an understanding of my needs, expectations and most importantly, some genuine interest about my own story and how I arrived at my decision to sell.   I was impressed by Rae's genuine and professional intention to act in my best interests and her commitment to engage with me with her expert knowledge. This enabled us to work together as a team, to obtain a result that fulfilled both mine and the buyers expectations. Using her expert knowledge of the local housing market, Rae was able to honestly and authentically, guide and support me through this process to achieve a result that was beyond my expectations.

Coming into this experience I was apprehensive, unsure of what I may achieve and held some anxiety about the process, however Rae was able to provide me with the professional knowledge and direction needed to accomplish my dream.

Thank you so much Rae, I am so pleased that out of the five agents who offered to list my property, you were my number one choice. For me, it comes down to feeling an agent is honest and fully committed and that was you in a nutshell.